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Full Version: tarabia distortion- for registered Users free to download!
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tarabia distortion

[Image: DMMDYHK.png]

Tarabia Distortion is a ... free distortion plug in effect that destroy nicely your sounds :

Kicks becomes Hard Kicks.
Snares becomes very consistent SNARES.
On audio loops, it produces nice distortions artifacts.
This plug-in effect is based on two specials algortihms :

Tarabia formula (Hard distortion), and.
Yamaha 80's synth soft distortion formula.
It is simple, efficient and FUN !

To install the plug in :

Put the plug in in your cart & fill the different information.
Then download the ZIP file onto your hard disk.
Uncompress the file.
Copy the VST or AU files in the folder /Library/Audio/Plugs-ins/VST and /Library/Audio/Plugs-ins/Components respectively.
Launch your favorite DAW and.
Enjoy .. heu nope .. destroy.

nicely done