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music-society specialpack L-Day


[Image: N9KtBEy.jpg]

Antopya is mainly made for ambient sounds and FX.

The main engine is a FM and additive synthesis. Edit the Harmonics Intuitive by moving the Planets on the Crosspad. The Result is wide smooth pads, strings, FX Spacy, bass sounds and more ...
one OSC + 3 sub operators
5 filter types (LP / HP / BP / BR / FMT)
Phase ADS Envelope
Envelope ADSR
One Step LFO
FX Chorus
Stereo Delay
Crossharmonic Pad for creating intuitive of Harmonics

[Image: mHhTHzZ.jpg]

Athmonova2 is a 2 oscillator synthesizer.  
1 OSC with saw/tri/pwm + 1 Subosc in different Modes.
1 Noise OSC.
1 Filter with LP/HP/BP/Formant.
1 Lfo with different Routings and Delay/Depth.
3x ADS/r Filter/Mod/Envelope.
1 Overdrive/Distortion.
1 Pingpong Delay.
1 Stereo Widen

[Image: 1URUYet.jpg]

Monophonic synth bass line with a Quitschigem pass filter similar to the tb-303.
Monophonic Synthesizer
1 OSC (saw / pulse waveform)
1 LP filter with resonance
Drive mode (Soft / Hard sience V1.1)
Filter step sequencer in 16 steps

[Image: tQkbcKW.jpg]

Yonu60 is Roland Juno clone.

Inspired by Roland's masterpiece from the past. Who is on retro and vintage sound here is absolutely right.
1 DCO, with LFO and PWM + 1 sub, sub / noise.
LFO rate and delay time.
ADSR envelope.
HPF / VCF filters envelope, LFO and keyboard controls.
Chorus effect.
Unison mode.
, Arpeggio up / down and rate.
Pitch bend and Octave control.
Mono / Poly option