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Full Version: DrumGizmo v0.9.15
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DrumGizmo v0.9.15

[Image: fetch.php?cache=&w=765&h=669&tok=02352a&...0.9.15.png]

Loads of new stuff in this release. Most prominent is the new timing humanizer and the bleed control! The timing humanizer works in addition to the velocity humanizer. Where the velocity humanizer adjusts the velocity of incoming midi hits, the timing humanizer does the same thing but instead moves them back and forth in time. This all helps to achieve a less machine-sounding output. To help with the understanding of the humanizing features, we've also added a “visualizer” which will mirror the settings you choose for a better understanding. This is the first iteration of the visualizer, so feedback is very welcome.

So what else? Oh yes, “bleed control”! And yep, it does exactly what you expect. If you want a dry sounding kit, turn that slider aaaall the way down. But if you want all of the ambience in there, turn it aaaall the way up. Bleed is when a hit on any drum is also picked up by mics that aren't the “primary” mic of that specific drum. For some genres bleed is unwanted. For others, not so much. And now YOU are in control.

A note on the bleed control: Currently only the newly updated CrocellKit v1.1 supports this. We still need to update the rest of the kits before it will work for those. So keep an eye out for that.



looks pretty cool, but the four serious drumkits are HUGE, about 1.5 to 5 GB each(!)