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Full Version: Tractivate
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Tractivate is an easy to use beat maker/drum sequencer for Android 4 and above. Use it to create tracks from audio sample files such as drum, percussion, bass and lead sounds. Choose from over 100 built-in sounds or use your own, direct from your Android device's SD card.
Tractivate's flexible looping and touch screen composer are perfect for making beats wherever you go while its rich export features make it an ideal tool for use with other music creation software. Export CD-quality stereo mixes for listening or sharing with others or export audio 'stems' for importing into other audio software for further processing.

Tractivate's adaptable user interface and simple design make it suitable for phone users while still providing a full screen experience for tablets.

Tractivate features:

* unlimited track length
* 8 channels per track
* easy to use level mixer with mute and solo
* easy to use 16-step pattern sequencer
* pattern sequencer clipboard for easy copying
* adjustable panning for stereo effects
* accents and tempo 'swing' for enhanced rhythms
* tempo support from 50 to 250 bpm
* 121 built-in sounds for immediate creativity
* sounds include classic 808 and 909 kits
* create vintage sounds with CR-78 and DR-55 kits
* pitch-shift sounds up to an octave up or down
* use built-in bass and lead sounds to enhance your beats
* use delay and reverb effects to liven up your sounds
* load your own sounds from an SD card
* loads 16/24-bit mono or stereo WAV files
* export tracks to CD-quality stereo mix
* export channel stem tracks for further editing
* import and export native format for backup/restore and sharing
* use the built-in file manager to rename, delete, move, copy, share and preview files

For more information and help on using Tractivate get the User Guide from