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Full Version: Stylophone- for registered Users free to download!
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[Image: nDkDC9L.jpg]

Stylophone is an exact emulation of the original stylophone made famous in the late 60's early 70's.

The GUI styling is identical to the original hardware with a few additional parameters and controls. Additional parameters include volume, pan, reverb, glide, tune and ADSR. Oscillator waveforms have been recorded directly using the units built in jack. Each of the 4 oscillator has it’s own unique tone and can be switched. All samples are recorded in 24bit/44,100kHz wav.
Accurate emulation of stylophone sound.
4 analogue tones including bass, classic, treble and 1 additional.
Easy to switch through sounds using selector.
Built in reverb, volume, pan, glide, tune and ADSR.
Built in verbrato.
Switch between mono, poly and legato.