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Full Version: Quilcom GRANCH
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Quilcom GRANCH

[Image: capture-loopey-gui-.png]

This one’s a simple chorus-type effect using 8 grains with a spread of play rates you can adjust, stereo width control, feedback and effect levels. You can also choose to have linear interpolation. Click on the GRANCH logo word on the plugin's panel for a help page.

This granular-based chorus sounds very different from the regular modulated delay-mix system, and you may or may not like it. It can get really down and dirty at more extreme settings (if you like that sort of thing).

Try it with a microphone or the included very basic stereo synth.

I hope you have a bit of fun with it and any comments are always welcomed.

There’s a very brief demo, first an organ sound dry and then processed and my voice, dry and then processed. It’s here: