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Full Version: Music-Society SpecialPack Meat Market Industries VSTi (RARE) Collection
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Music-Society SpecialPack Meat Market Industries VSTi (RARE) Collection

original date: 2003

[MMI] FM F*ker v1.6.9

[Image: UfH76al.jpg]

This is a rather simple but truly lovely synth utilizing one bpmlfo synked

oscillator patched through an enveloped sv-filter with cut, rez, tracking and best

of all fm-filter gauge's. The fm filter gauge when used with the rest of the FM

Fukers controls is nice for making everything from blown glass and sharp bass

to hard rezo synths and nice lead sounds.

[MMI] MondOSC v1.6.3

[Image: GbwMo6D.jpg]

A Quad-Osc synth. Each osc also has a 'klone' osc which is controlled by the

same controllers of it's oscillator with the exception of it's own volume and

panning controls. Each osc also has it's own lfo that can be assigned to such

paramaters as res, cut, pan, p.w., ect, ect, with the exception of one. That one osc

is the doubler osc which is two oscillators cross modulated with controllable

mod depth. Last is the four track mixer for the oscillators. The bassy and

analougey sounds I've made with this thing are so nice.

[MMI] Phlangulator v1.5.3

[Image: 3Qva4Xk.jpg]

The Phlangulator is a 3 osc flange synth meshed with a waveshaper for nice

distortions and weird effects. The oscillators are pretty much static with the

exception of seperate pulse width control for each one and waveform selection.

The oscillators are run through an enveloped sv-filter and then from their on into

the waveshaper where the sound can be really tweaked. Before running through

the amp the mix is then run through a flanger which can be shut off by turning

it's mix slider all the way down. The next version will feature seperate pitch

knobs for each oscillator and a preset bank.

Enjoy these obscure VSTi creations from the past! Cool