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Full Version: electronicaBCN VSTi music-society Specialpack Bundle
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electronicaBCN VSTi music-society Specialpack Bundle

Aton Studio VSTi Workstation Bundle:

[Image: c1FevXf.jpg]

Aton Studio  was  an  electronic music  free production  tool which
included  everything a  musician  needed  in (2004) to rapidly
create   music   from  ideas  without  the   need  of  opening
loads of plugins.

Aton Studio Workstation components:
       • 8 parts sample-based drum box which can behave as a simple
         sample-player or as a powerful re-synthesizer
       • 2 synths+arpegiator which combine up to 3
         different synthesis types
       • a mixer

       • 3 effects
      Alive Synth
[Image: bvzrN5n.jpg]

      Phase Distortion & Frequency Modulation Hybrid (PDFM),
      Dual Modulation Synth.

      Brief Description:

      Alive is a synth capable of creating a wide range of sonic textures,
      from the most conventional (digital or analog)
      to the weirdest organic sounds.


      • 2 oscillator sections:
      • One with a Phase Distortion Oscillator with modulation.
        The other is a mix of Analog and Phase Distortion Oscillators,
        with multiple Dual Modulations, and PDFM synthesis options
      • 2 independent prefilters with assignable X-Y crossed joystick
      • Independent envolve for each OSC section
      • Analog style multiband Master Filter,
        with envolve and Dual LFO modulation

      • Arpeggiator

      • Delay

      • Independent Patch library

       Ancient Synth
[Image: cY3SPhX.jpg]

       Retro Bassline Synth


      • 3 Analog oscillators synthesizer.
      • 2 of them with suboscillator and the third with detune.
      • Analog style multiband filter, with envelope and LFO modulation.

      • Versatile distortion, from overdrive to shape distortion.

      • Optional filter-modulation section,
        independent for the distortioned signal
        (X-Y joystick controlled)
      • 4-Stage Amp envelope

      • Arpeggiator
      • Delay

      • Independent Patch library

Enjoy these long lost virtual synth gems! Cool