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Full Version: music-society specialpack Nix plugs -for registered Users free to download!
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music-society specialpack Nix plugs

4 Kicks

[Image: 2JDNqje.png]

This was built by Nippy Baynes for the SM GrooveBox collaboration. It has quirky envelopes which sound great IMO. It is my typical kick I use currently. It is free for all users, but I retain the right to distribute.

[Image: 0HD0535.png]

Q8 paragraphic (hybrid) equalizer effect. Each parameter has 2 switchable options so you can A-B them. It sounds great when you automate sweeps. The depth of gain is adjustable on a knob from 0 to 40 dB.

[Image: efbbRFG.png]

Sync is a looping and recording tool.

Quote:I originally built this to use this idea I had. That is to play a metronome click on beat divisions of a sound editor’s selection. So it does that so you can tell when you selection is looping in sync. Additionally it records and you can play the recording back internally or via midi. I will soon have it normalize, and if I can figure it out fade the ends of the cut loop. You need a 3rd party app to timestretch, but I am looking at this. Max recording time is 10 min with 3 gig of RAM, but shorter takes are previewed in the mix nicely.

No Gui

Mono2Stereo is a utility to route channels. If you are recording a mono source, just insert this in the signal chain to process in stereo.
Wave Mechanic

[Image: dd7OzeA.jpg]

This is a multi-effect with a full-featured filter section particularly. Please play with the filter parameters to create oleaginous sounds, which can then be enhanced by the reverb and delay.

[Image: 1zYRPkZ.jpg]

A monophonic filter envelope for audio. A new filter envelope is created when volume increases.
Dream Sequence

[Image: AZCsAhO.jpg]

Is the simplest of sequencers. It might be a good one to teach children with, once you have set up the routing. I am hoping to add some new features soon.