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Full Version: TOM free VST synth for Window
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TOM free VST synth for Window

[Image: mSdSDSU.jpg]

Quote:We took pallet wood, worn metal, tired electronic components, a keyboard that lived a lot, and old buttons that miraculously hold.

and here is TOM!

A synth that sounds like the material used!

A mix between Thérémin, Ondes Martenot and a little something, that does not exist …

You’ll be able to create sounds worthy of the science fiction and horror movies of the 60’s!

it’s time for you to become the sound illustrators of Ray Bradbury, H.G Wells and others …

as it’s free, there are only a few presets. But they were created to test the potential of the synth and all its features.

The goal with TOM is to create your own sounds, your own universe.

TOM is available as VST2 in 32 and 64 bits for Windows.


Thanks, Bam - this one made me smile.

Anyone (like me) who has a tiny monitor, take heart - the UI can be rescaled in the 'Settings' page.
You can change the Render mode there too - it's pretty light on the cpu anyway, but might make a difference on some sytems.

Most fun I've had in days.