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Full Version: RAIJIN
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[Image: 441a52_4d9216d0368e458fa258f4c01f6d2677~mv2.png]


- Semi-real futuristic neon UI.
- 12 individual drum pads with Volume, Pan and Attack control.
- 4 built in master knobs (Volume, Reverb, Pitch, ?).
- 7 drum kits are included (6 EDM oriented kits, 1 Acoustic kit).
- Touch panel control capable (win 10).
- Win VST (32-bit/64-bit), Mac VST / AU support.
- Future expansion kits will be expected for more superior drum sounds.

RAIJIN -drum pads- is a EDM oriented drum pad rompler plugin.

It is simple yet useful drum tool for music producers.

What is "Raijin" anyway?

Well, it is name of god. There is a Japanese myth that there is a god of lightening or thunder called "Raijin", who rides on cloud carrying his own drum pads on his back to make a sound of lightening. For more detailed info, please google it.

RAIJIN drum pads is free.