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Full Version: Soundhack Delay Kit
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Soundhack Delay Kit

[Image: 1bJSxo9.jpg]

The new version features updated compression and saturation algorithms in the feedback patch for more variety in high feedback delay processing.

SoundHack Delay Bundle is a group of four plugins derived from the same basic delay algorithm: a hermite interpolated delay line with variable modulation, and a feedback loop with dc blocking and saturation.

Pitch shifting is achieved with a dual head crossfading delay (ala Eltro Tempophon/Dennis Gabor/Pierre Schaeffer phonogene) and is decidedly retro. The saturating feedback also allows them to be great drone and noise generators.

The plugins are:

++flipper - synchronized reverse delay.
++bubbler – a flexible and MIDI playable granular delay.
++pitchdelay - old school multitap delay-based pitch-shifting.
++delay – a fully featured 10 second delay, with extensive modulation and feedback filtering.