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Full Version: HPL2 Processor Plugin
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HPL2 Processor Plugin

[Image: c19568_b5b100cda1d3456a9aebaf390f2490a3~mv2.jpg]

Free VST (Mac, Win), AU (Mac) plug-ins.

HPL makes same mix balance to the speaker sound, even with headphones and earphones.A plug-in for HPL processing of 2ch stereo sound source has been completed.

"Why does the sound of HPL music source feel good?"

It is because the music sound source is made so that it can listen feel good with the speaker.

HPL realizes it with headphone and earphone without losing its mix balance.

It is not an effector that adds something and makes it pleasant.

It is a conversion technology that aimed at only playing properly sound originally pleasant sound by headphone and earphone. (refer to "ABOUT")

If you not get it,

Please listen to music with HPL as long as possible for 1 song, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month.

Afterwards if you listen to conventional sounds, I think you understand the meaning.

HPL aims at a world where music can be enjoyed even more than ever with headphone & earphone.