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Full Version: Sound Wizard VST (Beta-Version)
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@bluesmoke In the file export screen you can choose VST2 or VST3 Export - but SE makes in both settings VST3. And in the preferences menu you can set the export path for VST2 plugins only.

I think it isn`t ready - and the developers should be beta testers....
@ bluesmoke:

Thanks for the suggestion. Wink

I tried it, but it doesn't's VST3 apparently and MuLab doesn't run VST3 far as I'm aware..only VST2..though I could be wrong about that.

My understanding that Sound Wizard would run on my system in MuLab was wrong, as Mira-Katharina said:

"Windows says this is a Vst 3 Type; although ist is a DLL within.

Reason can`t play it, because it could only load VST 2/64"

Guess what I've been trying to do is the same as trying to put a square peg into a round hole. Rolleyes
@bluesmoke It produces on my computer a folder within a DLL which is marked in W7/64 as a VST3-File. It makes no change if I export it as VST 2 or VST3. I get alsways the same file (Folder).

This plugin is for the first time only get from M.S. I won`t put it into the www - because it is not ready.

Waiting for program updates....
Thank you  Smile

thanks! looks interesting.
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