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Full Version: SynchroNator
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[Image: synchronator.jpg]

This is a powerfull 2 oscillator synth


- 2 STEREO oscillators with regular
- moogish LP filters with chained HP filter
- each osc has vol, pan, fat, pw, semi
 and octave
- each osc has 3 ADSR (volume, filter and
 USER (is routable)
- each osc has a temposynced LFO with 2
 amounts & routable targets (+/- value)
- simple FM mix amount
- user LFO with 2x2 amounts & targets
 for osc 1&2
- 8 step sequenzer (pitch, mod, gate)
 (mod & gate with adsr control)
 (mod amounts to: cut,res,hp,fat & pw)
- velocity control
- overdrive & delay FX
- 100 internal presets
- FREEWARE !!! (don´t sell it !!!)