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Full Version: New ‘Trueno’ The World’s Smallest Analog Synthesizer
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New ‘Trueno’ The World’s Smallest Analog Synthesizer

[Image: YKH9TvB.jpg]

WS Audio Limited has introduced the Trueno, described as “the world’s smallest analogue synthesizer.”

The Trueno (from the Spanish for thunder) is a 3 oscillator analog synthesizer built into a USB stick. The developers aim is to deliver analog sound inexpensively.

“By swapping the front panel for full PC/Mac control from a VST/AU plugin or standalone application, we can offer Trueno at a price that can’t be touched by anything with comparable features,” according to the developers.


3 Voltage Controlled Oscillators – Saw, Square, Triangle waveforms. VCO 3 has a digital noise generator. VCO 1 has an adjustable pulse-width.
Digital additive oscillator mode with 64 partials; 256 wavetables included.
Amplitude Modulation, Pulse-width Modulation, Filter Frequency Modulation.
Voltage Controlled Filter – Low-pass and Band-pass mode
Integrated Analogue to Digital Converter – 44.1KHz 24 bit ADC
Aerospace grade aluminium case. Size: 78mm (L) x 31mm (W) x 7mm (H). Weight: 25g

The Trueno is available now for €159.99.