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Full Version: SoundFont Midi Player
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SoundFont Midi Player

[Image: ROHVeta.jpg]

1. Fully configurable Midi in and out ports.
2. Real time program and bank modification on any midi channel.
3. Real Time effects on any midi channel.
4. Mute and solo on any channels.
5. Variable Tempo and Pitch during playback.
6. Virtual Piano (F1-F8 Function keys for octave change)

7. Chord mode for Virtual Piano and Midi input.
8. Send Sysex for Synth (GM, GS, XG, GM2, NX and custom)
9. Midi send and receive over Net.

10. Karaoke midi files support.

11. Bassmidi output mode.
12. Spectrum Analyzer.
13. Module files (mod,xm,s3m,it) playback support via converting.

14. Record to wave, mp3 (or any acm codecs) capability.
15. Real time soundfont loading from playlist.

16. Scale effect settings (transpose notes to different scales).

17. Supports Cakewalk/Sonar instrument definition (.ins) files.

18. Supports Sysex capturing from Midi input.

19. Supports VST effect/visualization and VSTi instrument plugins.

20. Fully supports Windows 9x, XP, 7, 8, 10 moreover Wine.

version 5.3

1. Added Folder.syx support.

2. A new option called 'Save SysEx data from Midi' has been added to File menu of Event Viewer/Debugger.

3. Added support for native WASAPI audio output on Windows Vista/7/8/10.

4. Added 'Channels' compatibility option to support Microsoft specific channel layouts (explicit Basic/Extended/GM and auto mode).

5. Added fast loop option to Loop Settings dialog.

6. Improved Event Viewer: filtered event count display, F3 to skip to next filtered event, display meta sequencer data, display GM program names.

7. Other minor fixes and enhancements.