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Full Version: 8-Bit Chip
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8-Bit Chip

[Image: j1Q1SEU.jpg]

Introducing Version 2.0!! SFZ Format Pulse (3 variants), Triangle, and Noise waves Simple keyboard layout "Legato" effect Vibrato, tremolo, slide (portamento), attack, and release controls The goal, when designing "8-Bit Chip v2.0”, was to create something that was friendly to a musician, rather than a programer. Traditionally, 8-Bit music is created in what can be described as a spreadsheet like environment, where pitches and effects are coded one at a time. My idea was to put all the major 8-bit voices (Pulse 50%/25%/12%, Triangle, and Noise) into a single piano keyboard setup, allowing any musician to easily start writing some chiptune goodness.


FYI , there are a few synths also there for free