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Chord Organ

[Bild: brBZTVc.jpg]

Chord Organ is a modeled electric reed organ in the style of a Magnus chord organ.

It can also be used as a midi processor to transmit the chords.

I don't remember the brand name, but I played something very similar to this as a child - half a century ago!

Great developer, too.
I must have played Tethys more than any other SM synth I own - and played with TNB30 far longer than any grown man should admit to. (I know it's still available here, but I wish Moho would put it back on his own site - I know there's a problem with the PB wheel, but call it a known issue instead of a bug and re-up: every home should have one!)
I did not know it from our Moho, I've moved it into the right forum