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Full Version: Fathom Mono” Modular Synthesizer
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Fathom Mono” Modular Synthesizer

[Image: WDtTn73.jpg]

Many software synthesizers are fundamentally nostalgic in their interfaces.

Emulating the front panel of a hardware synth, they showcase most of the instrument’s controls on one screen.

This looks impressive when you are shopping for a synth, but not so impressive when trying to use it. The disadvantage is evident when you must edit an envelope crowded into a corner of the interface.

The Fathom GUI was programmed starting with the simple idea that a user interface should be logical not crowded.

Our GUI displays large panels containing only the controls you need at one time.

Despite this the interface is organized so that every control is accessible by no more than two mouse clicks.

All dials display their value directly above the dial, and never elsewhere at the top of the interface.  All modulation ranges are shown clearly on the target dial.

The large center view fills multiple roles whenever an envelope or waveform must be expanded for precision editing.

The monophonic version of our synth is always free.
Our monophonic synth is fully functional and does not contain any audio interruptions.
It provides all the same features as the professional version, except the number of voices, and it does not allow the saving of individual user edited waveforms.

The pro version also provides the ability to save and load single cycle waveforms in WAV format.


updates Fathom synth to v1.0.15

[Image: PjtyZFT.jpg]

The effect is built on eight separate phasing channels, each running independently on each polyphonic voice. Each channel supports five different modes of operation, which include dual oscillator phasing, a delay buffer Flanger, and the classic all-pass-filter Phasor.

Fully Modular, 16x16 Wave Table Morphing, Free Hand Wave Draw, Bezier Curve Oscillator, Single Cycle WAV Import Export, 5 Alias Free Oscillators, 30 Filters, 5 Effects, Bezier and Exponential Envelope Curves, Unlimited Modulations, 6 Types of Modulators, Real-time Host Automation, Free Mono Version, Direct Email Tech Support.



Reminds me of node red programming language (raspberry pi)
This thing is amazing if you ask me...thanx for the update!