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Full Version: GyL Synths Dualism
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 (a time travel to the last year again)

[Image: JW4mFK5.png]


- 2 independent synths in 1
- additive oscillators with base + 5 upper harmonics
- sine, saw, ramp, triangle, square, variable pulse, parabola, white noise, pink noise and brown noise waves
- -36...+36 semitone tuners, envelope to pitch, pulse width adjusting, FM (phase) modulation from the opposite side and comb filter at oscillators

- 12 filter types with cutoff, resonance, keyboard tracking and envelope to cutoff adjusting

- LFOs with sine, saw, ramp, triangle, square, parabola waves and pitch, pulse width, cutoff, amp level and panorama destinations

- ADSR envelopes with dragable shape and fast / slow switch

- oscillator output level with velocity and panorama (stereo position) adjusting

- 1 knob ping-pong delay, reverb and chorus/phaser for each side

- pitchwheel range, pitchwheel to filter cutoff (A, B, A+B) and glide / portamento adjusting

- mono / poly and mono retrigger switches, master volume knob

- local and global randomization / reset to default values buttons

- double-click on knobs and sliders set them to default value

- oscillator output + synth output displays

- 64 slots for patches

- 32 demo patches by me... :-)

special design for lsd-trip Grins
(05-08-2017, 07:39 AM)Bam Wrote: [ -> ]special design for lsd-trip Grins

Time travel to the '60s... Big Grin
Thanks for this, Gyl..I love the really clear sounds thins little gem makes. Wink
(06-08-2017, 04:34 PM)A.M Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for this, Gyl..I love the really clear sounds this little gem makes. Wink

Thnx A.M.!  Smile