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Full Version: Entropy free stereo delay
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Entropy free stereo delay

[Image: FHmByt5.jpg]

Entropy by CTR is a one of a kind delay plugin! This delay has complete control over delay in each channel separately, but that isn't what makes this plugin special. Entropy is a stereo cross-over delay. This is a unique type of delay that delays the signal from the left channel and places it in the right, and delays the signal in the right channel and places it in the left. This creates a whole new kind of delay and interesting stereo effects.


- Delay up to 2000 milliseconds.
- Unique Crossover Delay Effect.
- Feedback control.
- Dry/Wet mix control.
- VST Format.

Available for Windows and OS X.

Parameters can be controlled independently for each channel to create a wide range of possible sounds.