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Independence is a high-quality software sampler that's ideal for beat junkies, sound designers and composers. It includes a 2 GB sound library for creating any sound imaginable - from electro beats to classical pieces.
2 GB Free sound library
VST and AU support

Independence Free is available for Windows and Mac OS as a VST instrument for DAWs or a standalone sampler. In addition to sample formats that can be used in Independence, AKAI S1000, S3000 and SoundFont samples are also supported. The Independence Translator by Chicken Systems also lets you import further formats - so you can use your own sound library with the program's powerful features.

Add the final touches to your recordings by importing external VST effects such as reverb and chorus. Thanks to the sophisticated file management system, multi-core processor support and Auto-RAM-Cleaner, you can load instruments, presets and up to 25 audio files to your DAW in seconds.

Independence supports the integration of external VST instruments. This means that along with the program's powerful audio engine, you can use additional samplers, effects and synthesizers to perfect your sound.

Independence Free includes effects that add fantastic presence and depth to your sound design and make your mix stand out.

32 programmable controller knobs and buttons let you control the MIDI parameters and integrated VST effects in Independence Free easily and intuitively.

I was looking for a free VST that wass able to trigger midifiles with your midikeyboard. This was the only one I could find
You get a sampler and 2GB library as an extra Smile


Last time when I have installed Independence I have problems with folders. I cannot have all the libraries on my C/ drive because it's have very limited space.
Then I have installed on an external SSD. This don't works fine. Independence don't charge the libraries. I find manually each time...Then: don`t works fine.
Now I want to make another intent. I you someone have any idea
Million thanks in advance!!!
Attempts to create a shortcut from the folder where the files are. Could work, maybe you're lucky. I had done it with Emagic Logic
Sorry, I canĀ“t help here. I use Kontakt as my rompler and I only use this one to trigger midifiles with keyboardkeys.
If your problem persists i can check if i installed any library with it (not sure about that) and try to change the detination to another driveletter.
Let me know.
Majix is an old company, I have a win95 version of their old program. Strange thing is they look to have inherited the sonic foundry line