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music-society specialpack Wolfgang Schweizer

wolf one

[Bild: fAt5VKk.jpg]

wolf one is a software synthesizer with 2 oscillators, 2 phase distortion oscillators, Delay, 2 LFOs, granulator module and Reverb.

A WAV sound is embedded and can be played and modified with the synthesizer.

wolf two

[Bild: vzlqXHF.jpg]

3 oscillators, 1 of them a phase distortion oscillator
3 filters
granulator module
wav player "female choir"
wolf three

[Bild: LKbHTTk.jpg]


5 oscillators, one of them a phase distortion oscillator.
5 filters.
5 LFOs.
WAV player (female choir)and combined voice synth embedded, controlled by granulator module.
Wave shaper.


IMPORTANT note for Wolf Two and Wolf Three:
To be able to play the wav file that comes with the download with the synthesizer, you need to make a folder called "c:/desktop/wolf3synth" on your computer and to copy the file "female choir ahh wolf3.wav" into this folder."
In addition to making these rather unique synths, Wolfgang has created jewelry, paintings, several music albums, and handmade flutes- take a look: