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Full Version: Rolend System 101M_suite- for registered Users free to download!
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Rolend System 101M_suite

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An 'approx-mulation' of a Roland System 100M in the small, standard five-module configuration in the 191J rack, known as the 'D-Set'. One each of modules based on:

- 112 2-VCO.

- 121 2-VCF.

- 130 2-VCA.

- 140 2Env-LFO.

- 150 Ring-Noise S/H LFO.

- Patching is by drop-downs at each input. Two sets of three Mults are provided for expanded patch-ability. Default selections in the drop-downs provide a basic 'start-patch'.

Filters are switchable 2-pole LP or 4-pole LP. HP has continuous adjustment, not switched positions.

The VCAs outputs can be switched to audio outs or just to internal patching, and provided with pan-pots.

Also available are three alternate versions:

- Rolend System 101M_E set, that's modeled after the arrangement of modules Roland called the 'E set' - three 110 VCO/VCF/VCA modules, plus the Dual Env/LFO and the Noise/S&H/RingMod/LFO module. This nearly comes close to the feature set of the System 700 Block-1 Main Cabinet! 3-VCOs, 3-VCFs, 3-VCAs, 2-EGs, 2-LFOs, Ring Mod, Noise and Sample & Hold.

- Rolend System 101M_4eg, that substitutes a second 140 2Env-LFO module for the 150 S/H-LFO module.

- Rolend System 101M_2v, which contains two 110 VCO/VCF/VCA modules and two 140 2Env-LFO modules plus a mixer.

These do NOT emulate or model the actual sound of any Roland or any other vintage hardware synth, just borrows from the control design, layout and panel design of the 100M.

32-bit, so will require jBridge, etc., (or a DAW that will bridge) for use on 64-bit systems.