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music-society specialpack SKmote

Very rare

Grainz VSTi granular synthesizer

[Image: vdKteno.jpg]

1 physical modeled "string" oscillator (plucked, bowed). Plucking/bowing position, pickup position, stiffness, damp

2 granular oscillators. Loads wav mono files and "granulizes" them. From sample playing to complete destruction. Position, grain width, grain fade out, single_shot/loop, position lfo

Multi-stage drag-able envelopes for amplitude, grain position, filter frequency

Granular -> physical modeled oscillators interaction. From resonance to weird effects

Multimode resonant filters with resonance and "action" control

"Spread" effects

Pre-post-filter delay lines with feedback. Separate send for each oscillator

Arpeggiator with chord detection

Control matrix

Graphical user interface by Rick Christy



Voices VSTi formant synthesizer

[Image: MsbYCeD.jpg]

Simple linear interface

5 oscillator types: Normal, Normal even harmonics, Formant, Group, Percussion

8 oscillators: voiced/unvoiced

Envelopes and LFO for: formant amplitude, formant width

"Growl" function for mono presets



Mirror1 VST morphing convolver

[Image: kJO3bl2.jpg]

Our first plugin which includes this convolution engine.

Includes several sets of impulse responses (banks), extracted through analogic gears.

Developed in collaboration with Sinkmusic @KvR (GUI and IRs)

More than 100 impulses responses embedded
Morphing convolution engine
One big slider for seamless morphing between IRs in a bank
Lo-cut and Hi-cut filters
Dry-wet mix control
Simple interface

Traks time-stretching VSTi

[Image: 5RHfmlN.jpg]

Traks time-stretching VSTi
Loop and sample player with time-stretching, pitch shifting and audio quantize

Tolcbocs VST vocoder

[Image: wA1seYG.jpg]

Three bands parametric equalizer (low pass, band pass, high pass)

Overdrive with pre and post-equalizer

Multimode dynamic filter with envelope follower (auto-wah) and midi control

1024 bands Vocoder

Stereo Chorus/Delay

Suggested applications:

Guitar & voice

Complex rythmic modulations

RealLS VST rotary speaker

[Image: Y3O01wI.jpg]

Load the vst effect

The vst cuts the incoming mono signal (an organ?) in two bands. Set the crossover frequency

Set gain and rotation speed for each band

Verify that the loudspeakers are placed in sequence. The sound should sweep on a circle

That's all. You can test new configurations. The first one is to enclose the speakers cluster in a box, to get reflections and emulate a Leslie

[Image: s0LKwSS.jpg] [Image: 2u4xEoa.jpg]
Solo VSTi synthesizer

[Image: JvzCy2N.jpg]

Polyphonic VSTI hybrid synth

Four multi-mode oscillators (VA, plucked, bowed, noise, waveguide, VOSIM, DSF1, DSF2, formants)

2 live inputs through envelopes, waveshaper, modulations, filter, effects

FM and AM modulation matrix

Hard Sync

Amplitude and pitch envelope for each oscillator


Three filter envelopes

One oscillator parameter envelope

Multimode 3-axis morphing filter


Four LFO and drift control

Mono mode with portamento

Maps for keyboard and velocity mapping of each oscillator

16 slot modulation matrix with control range

Overdrive with 8 saturation curves and pre and post eq

2+2 short, very short, long modulated delay lines with cross-feedback for chorus, flanger, reverb, delay effects

Some of these products need these common files (where specified).

Please download these files and copy them in the same directory where you put the plugin.