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music-society specialpack Boxsound

replacer - drum replacer

[Image: FpVEunW.png]

Replacer" is a VST plug-in designed to replace drum and percussive sounds with other samples. Basically, it is comprised of a band-pass filter which selects the relevant frequency of the sound required to be replaced, and then the peak amplitudes at this frequency then trigger chosen sample/s. The samples can be 16 or 24-bit PCM Wave files recorded at any sample rate.


   24dB band-pass filter
   Simple gate
   Visual and audio monitoring section
   4 sample layers (full version)
   Sample start and end adjustment
   Accent amount and smooth (attempts to replicate the dynamics of the original trigger sound)
   Sample ADR envelope with amount control
   Sample pitch control
s16 - 16 step sequencer

[Image: eQDvpHT.png]
[Image: hHrADZY.png]

(Known problems - can be a bit glitchy when changing patches.)

One sample for the sixteen steps
Controls for each step (direction, octave, semitone, fine, attack, decay, release, filt amt, pan and volume)
4 Divisions (1/2, 1/4, 1/8 or 1/16)
4 step choices (2, 4, 8 or 16)
Program/pattern can be chosen on the GUI, from the host's patch change, or via MIDI (note-on C2-B4)
Global release and volume
4 LFO's with a 4x10 matrix
Filter (bp, br, hp, lp and moog type)
Delay with seperate filter and distortion
Fully automatable (24 parameters)
Dragon II - virtual analogue synthesizer

[Image: 0IB446g.png]

(Known problems - quite CPU hungry, does not work in every host, takes a while to load in host, can hang up computer when exiting a host program using the VSTi.)


3 Dual oscillators with detune
4 Waveshapes (sine,saw,triangle and square)
Octave, semitone and cent pitch control
Pulse width
Sub-oscillator (saw/square) with octave pitch control (-1/-2)
Noise generator (white/pink)


3 LFOs with attack, 5 waveshapes (sine,square,saw,ramp and random sample and hold), pulse width, the option to sync to the host tempo (1/16 to 16 bars) and restart
3 Envelopes (attack,delay,sustain and release) with invert
Each LFO and envelope can modulate 24 parameters simultaneously
Modulation wheel and velocity control which can both modulate 33 parameters simultaneously


2 Multimode filters with 5 filter types (band reject,high pass 12dB, band pass 12 dB,low pass 12dB and moog-style 24dB ladder), cut-off, resonance and keyboard tracking
Pre-filter overdive for each filter with shape and amount control
Link option for the cut-off and resonance controls
Mix options include just filter one, series or parallel
Parallel mix control
Dedicate envelope with invert
Option to route either or both filters to the envelope

Amp Envelope

Option to modulate the amp at audio frequency with the output from one of the oscillators


Polyphonic (6-note), monophonic retrigger and monophonic legato modes
Portamento time control
Pitch bend (0 to 12 semitones)

MIDI Learn

Available for all knobs except the LFO/Env and mod wheel/velocity destination amounts
Voctopus - 8 band realtime vocoder with onboard synthesizer

[Image: czBJMlS.png]

(Known problems - quite CPU hungry, can't guarantee the accuracy of the filter bank, not great with vocals.)

8 Band filter bank with attack, decay and extra carrier gain
Seperate modulator and carrier multi-filters
Fully playable and automatable on-board synth


2 x dual oscillator with dual detune
Sine, saw, triangle and square waveshapes
Pulse width
Octave, semitone and fine tuning
Sub-oscillator slaved to osc 1, with waveshape and octave choice
Noise generator with choice of noise, ability to modulate noise with osc 1 or 2 output, and high pass filter with cut off control
Ring modulation


2 LFOs with restart, free rate or sync to host tempo, 4 waveshapes and pulse width
16 x 3 modulation matrix with ability to modulate modulator signal


Osc mixer for all sound outputs
Main mixer for modulator and carrier, pan and dry/wet control


Pitch-bend amount
Mini Voctopus - 8 band realtime vocoder

[Image: vDsnmbP.png]

(Known problems - quite CPU hungry, can't guarantee the accuracy of the filter bank, not great with vocals.)

Use any audio as the modulator and any audio as the carrier
8 Band filter bank with attack, decay and extra carrier gain
Seperate modulator and carrier volume controls
Dry/wet control