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Full Version: Drag-On by GyL @ Soundbank by Kujashi
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 (a time travel to the last year again)

[Image: HYaLCTs.png]

Dear members, a dragon for anybody?
Very domesticated, don't worry!
It has 4 (or just 3.5?) heads and sometimes makes furious sounds, if not cared properly.
Originally it was named to Drag-It, because every GUI control (except the switches and Random-Reset buttons) is dragable, means use them like the knobs - left-click & hold + move the mouse forth and back. Yellow back-grounded texts are dragable menu items.
Double-click on them to set the default value.
Juan Pablo Arceo suggested the dragon name and I changed it to Drag-On.
- 4 wavetable oscillators
- Each oscillators has 32 stored waveforms, but you can change/morph/blend them from 1st to 32nd continuously, so can have much more in-between waves
- It has many complex waveforms, so often enough to use 1 or 2 oscs (4th or 3rd + 4th or what you want...)
- Oscillators can be tuned by semitones or continuously in the +/- 2 octaves range
- 1...3 oscillators can be switched off
- 1...3 oscillators have dedicated envelopes - can be switched to pitch or amplitude mode
- 1...3 oscillators have 2 dimensional FM modulation pads
- 1...3 oscillators have adjustable level direct path to the by-passable filter
- 1...3 oscillators can be used as FM modulators for each-other and/or for the 4th oscillator
- Oscillators can be used as 4 parallel layers, 2 FM modulated layers and many other combination and mix
- 4th oscillator coupled directly to the by-passable filter and can be the carrier of the 2nd and 3rd one
- 2 switchable synched LFO (1/32, 1/16T, 1/16,...) with 2 dimensional Rate-Depth pads ; OFF, Sin, Saw, Tri, Square wave mode ; Pitch 1...4, Phase 1...3, Cutoff, Resonance and Amp destination
- ModWheel additively coupled the the Depth values
- ModEnvelope to Pitch-4, Phase 1...3, Cutoff and Resonance
- Envelopes are moving on a program-line by a simple drag movement
- Filter pad with Cutoff-Resonance dimensions
- Adjustable keyboard Tracking for Filter
- By-Pass, LowPass, HighPass, BandPass, Notch, Peak, LowPass 24dB/oct, HighPass 24 dB/oct, BandPass 24 dB/oct Filter modes (the last 3 from MiniBull...)
- C. Hackl made arpeggiator - similar to the used in Marsauts and upgraded by the Flowstone Forum members - unfortunately has the same bug as the old - sometimes it stops every sound and needs a restart (designed in Drag-On GUI style and modified time intervals)
- Step / Trance Gate with selectable step number, synch speed as at LFOs and adjustable smoothing effect - the last 2 on a pad again
- Effect part is similar to the used in MiniBull, except the Delay, which is stereo, synch speed adjustable like the LFOs with added feedback control
- Set the mix value to 0 and the effect will be by-passed
- Adjustable PitchWheel range: 1...4 semitones - wrongly indicated on the GUI...
- Adjustable PitchWheel to Cutoff effect
- Mono/Poly switch - 16 sound polyphony in Poly
- Adjustable Glide and switchable Retrigger in Mono[/font
[font=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]- by-passable velocity sensitivity to Amp

- the usual global Random/Reset buttons (Reset for initial setup)
- the usual Output Display (waveform & its amplitude)
- 128 patch memory / bank
- 32 (forgettable..) patches by me - demonstrating some way of usage and possibilities - feel free to modify or rename them...
- Kujashi-made full bank with many effects and musical sounds is in the zip too
(If doesn't work in your system, just delete it, don't claim[/font])

Liebe Liebe Liebe Liebe Liebe
(20-05-2017, 12:31 PM)Bam Wrote: [ -> ]Liebe  Liebe  Liebe  Liebe  Liebe

Thank you Bam! Big Grin
many thanks
(24-05-2017, 10:47 AM)bubas Wrote: [ -> ]many thanks

Thank you too, dear bubas! :-)