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Full Version: music-society specialpack MARVIN PAVILION
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music-society specialpack MARVIN PAVILION


[Image: qswVhJzl.jpg]

BDX is a bass drum synthesizer.

   Trigger/Keyboard mode.
   2 oscillator types.
   Wave shape .
   Attack level.
   2 pitch envelope types.
   Sweep time/depth.
   2 envelope types.
   Decay control.
   midi CC support.
   Automation support.

[Image: EshRbOhl.jpg]

Casiopea is a phase distortion synthesizer.

   8 voices polyphonic.
   2 oscillators (Sine, Saw, Square, Pulse, Double-Sine, Saw-Pulse).
   Resonance (Type 1, 2, 3).
   3 envelopes (DCO, DCW, DCA).
   Ring Modulation.
Full Synthestra

[Image: Rx0rpjBl.jpg]

Full Synthestra is a polyphonic vintage analog synthesizer.

   6 voices polyphonic.
   2 oscillators.
   Sawtooth/Pulse (PWM).
   Envelope, LFO, Key-follow.
   Digital chorus.

[Image: jaCJDurl.jpg]

HCX is a hi-hat cymbal synthesizer.

   3 sounds.
   Closed/Pedal/Open hi-hat.
   6 pulse wave oscillators.
   2 oscillator types.
   General pitch control.
   Tone controls for Closed & Pedal hi-hat/Open hi-hat.
   Decay control for each part.
   2 envelope types for Open hi-hat.
   Level balance control.
   midi CC support.
   Automation support.
Hexagon 85

[Image: uZHnF25l.jpg]

Hexagon 85 is a Simmons SDS-V style drum synthesizer.

   5 analog drum synthesizers: Bass drum. Snare drum. Low tom. Mid tom. High tom.
   4 mono samplers: Closed hihat. Open hihat. Crash cymbal. Ride cymbal.
   8 outputs.
   MIDI CC support.
   Automation support.

[Image: O7xcEN7l.jpg]

HS9 is a hi-hat cymbal sampler.

   2 stereo samplers.
   Mute group.
   Pitch control.
   2 envelope types for each part.
   Decay control for each part.
   Level balance control.
   8bit/16bit wav format file support.
   midi CC support.
   Automation support

[Image: VdzjL20l.jpg]

OC-10 is a waveform memory synthesizer.

   Polyphonic (4 Voices).
   2 Envelopes (ADS, Hold).
   Auto pitch bend.

[Image: m59pPOrl.jpg]

reTromine is a Roland CR-78 style drum synthesizer.

   15 drum sounds with virtual analog synthesis.
   9 outputs.
   MIDI CC support.
   Automation support.

[Image: ozyoBVsl.jpg]

SDX is a snare drum synthesizer.

   Trigger/Keyboard mode.
   Drum part: 2 oscillator types, Pitch, Tone, Decay.
   Snare part: 2 filter types BPF/HPF, Tone, 2 envelope types, Decay , Level.
   Midi CC support.
   Automation support.

[Image: WHmRjEql.jpg]

Synthestra is a vintage style monophonic synthesizer.

   2 oscillators & Noise generator.
   VCO1: Sawtooth & Pulse (PWM), Sub oscillator (Sine/Square).
   VCO2: Sawtooth & Pulse (PWM).
   White noise.
   LFO (Waveform (Triangle/Square), Rate, Delay, Depth (VCO/VCF/VCA)).
   LPF (Cutoff, Resonance, Envelope, Key-follow, Velocity).
   VCA (Envelope /Gate, Main volume).
   Midi CC support.
   Automation support.

[Image: 9y8JoTCl.jpg]

Tromine is a TR-606 style analog drum synth.

   9 sounds.
   Bass drum (Tune, Decay, Pan, Level, Mute).
   Snare drum (Low/High tom Tune, Decay, Noise, Pan, Level, Mute).
   Closed/Pedal/Open hihat (Tune, Decay, Pan, Level, Mute).
   Crash cymbal, Hand clap (Tune, Decay, Pan, Level, Mute).
   7 outputs.
   Midi CC support.
   Automation support.
Tromine GT

[Image: Otr0C9Rl.jpg]

Tromine GT is a TR-808-style analog drum synthesizer.

   16 Analog drum synthesizers : Bass drum. Snare drum. Low tom / Low conga.Mid tom / Mid conga. High tom / High tom. Claves.  Rimshot. Maracas. Hand clap. Cowbell. Crash cymbal. Closed hihat. Open hihat.
   9 outputs.
   MIDI CC support.
   Automation support.
Tromine Z

[Image: gIoZupMl.jpg]

Tromine Z is a TR-909 style analog drum synth.

   Kick (Tune, Tone, Attack, Decay, LPF, Level).
   Snare (Tune, Lofi, HPF, Decay, Snare, Level).
   Hi-hat (Load WAV File, Tune, Balance, Decay, Cutoff, Q, Lofi, Pan, Level).
   8bit/16bit WAV format file support.  
   9 outputs.
   MIDI CC support.
   Automation support.

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ich mag diese Optik von BDX, HCX und HS9, guter alter Yamaha-Look Wink