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Full Version: Fsynthz pack - for registered user free to download
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Fsynthz pack

[Image: u1DUUmHl.jpg]

15E is a member of the "15" family. It features a "sharp and lash sound based on crossfaded 4-operatored sync synthesis with subsequent subtractive routing". The overall sound spreads from general purpose to acid.
Clavdium is a "Fast Additive" synthesizer plug-in.
FreezeBreather is a formant-vowel synth that introduces laughter, breathing noises, and random syllables sung as parts of vox pads, leads, organs, etc.
Hoar is a string-machine-type synth with bright and sharp sounding (up to 16x unison per voice) patches. It is designed to produce unusual synth-FX with modulated filtering with randomness and other stuff. It also has an extra wide keyboard range (6 octaves).
Puncho Groove converts anything you play into a groove.
Sandra is a hybrid AM+FM subtractive synth specially designed to produce low rezo sweeps and drones. In the mid-range it yields thick and lash polysynth chords. Leads and basses may be of consideration as well.
The file includes six VST plugins for windows
Developer: Fsynthz (discontinued)