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Full Version: music-society specialpack Cyclick
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music-society specialpack Cyclick


[Image: 3vR1LpFl.jpg]

Drumkit is based on a drum sampler with 6 sample slots, with a maximum modulation and filtering.

Take care: modulation directly affects the CPU load.

[Image: SYufvKJl.jpg]

Freemoog is based on an adaptation of the Minimoog.

The Freemoog may play a maximun of 8 notes simultaneously. It consists of 3 oscillators and modulation and can operate with a sample rate of 92kHz. The interface was created with Blender 3D, the top 3D modeling ... Note that plugin can not be compared to the real Minimoog synthesizer of Mr. Moog, it is just an adjustment made and designed by Cyclick based on the basic characteristics of the Minimoog.

[Image: g8EPK0Rl.jpg]

The MS2Synth is a Vsti freeware inspired by the KORG MS2000R expander.

What I have used from this inspiration is the use of ever more modulation ...  Basically I made this plugin to make more living samples that can evolve over time. It's my KORG MS2000R that put me on the way to create a VSTi with a modulation section, somewhat similar sound but also a little more powerfull because the MS2000 is not punchy enough for my taste .

That Freemoog is realy a nice VSTi to play with!

Looks like this now:

[Image: Freemoog.jpg]

And don't forget about the hidden modulationsection with the modsequencer:

[Image: Freemoog_met_Mod_Panel.jpg]
und wo ist der Downloadlink Smilie_denk_55_fragezeichen_1
Die Version ist in das Cyclick Paket enthalten.
Ich hab mich nur gewundert wo du die Abbildung her hast in Holzfarben und mit FX Version...weil die ist nicht dabei.