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Full Version: Rolend Block-8
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Rolend Block-8

[Image: HIKaWqwl.jpg]

An 'approx-mulation' of a small Roland System 700 modular in the 'portable' 10-module configuration known as the 'Lab'. Modules are patterned after:

- 701A keyboard controls.

- 3 702 VCOs.

- 1 708A Noise/Ring Mod.

- 1 703D VCF (LP has been made switchable 2-pole or 4-pole).

- 1 704D VCA.

- 1 716A Mixer.

- 1 706A LFO.

- 1 706B LFO (added in place of power supply space).

- 1 709A Sample & Hold.

- 1 705A Dual Envelope Generator.

Patching is by drop-downs at each input. A set of three Mults are provided for expanded patch-ability.

Also available as a cable-patched version.

This does NOT emulate or model the actual sound of any Roland or any other vintage hardware synth, just borrows from the control design, layout and panel design of the System 700.

32-bit, so will require jBridge, etc., (or a DAW that will bridge) for use on 64-bit systems.