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Full Version: Iron-I (free synths & fx)
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dalton mavvamore

 Iron-I VST
Iron-I 4-Oszilator Synth Pulse
Iron-I Basic Synth
Iron-I Drum Machine 808 SE
Iron-I Electric Effect Piano
Iron-I Flanger
Iron-I Flanger-Delay
Iron-I FM Synth
Iron-I Harmonic Bass Enhancer Synth
Iron-I Multi Delay
Iron-I Multi Synth Eq5
Iron-I Poly Synth
Iron-I SimpleSynth
Iron-I WaveSamplePlayer

[Image: -Aa4fNJQQ0MYEhQHEEuEl_UTLPRaMjbaXlMASOQX...w1587-h859]
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