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Full Version: DarkWave Studio
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DarkWave Studio

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DarkWave Studio
Free Virtual Studio For Windows
By Daniel Werner

DarkWave Studio is a free, open source, Digital Audio Workstation for Windows. Featuring a modular Virtual Studio, Pattern Editor, Sequence Editor and Multitrack Hard Disk Recorder. It has support for VST/VSTi instrument and effect plugins. The virtual studio has a modular design allowing machines to be connected in an ad-hoc fashion. The pattern editor enables the quick creation and modification of patterns by clicking to add or delete notes and dragging notes to move or resize them. The sequence editor allows you to queue patterns to play for each control track in any arrangement, enabling reuse of patterns and quickly remixing projects. The Multitrack Hard Disk Recorder allows you to record the output of any machine and record it to 16-bit Integer of 32-bit Floating Point PCM encoded .WAV files for full-quality post-production editing or for conversion to MP3/FLAC/etc.

    Native x64 and x86 Windows Platform Support.
    VST PlugIn Support - Limitlessly Expandable With Instrument and Effects PlugIns.
    Multi Core / Multi CPU Support.
    Full 64-bit Double Precision Floating Point Audio Processing.
    Low Latency ASIO Audio Output.

Bundled PlugIns

    ES Arpeggiator - For Easily Playing Complicated Arpeggios With A MIDI Keyboard.
    ES ControlChange Mapper - Map Control Change Events From One Index To Another.
    ES MIDI Input - Play Instruments From A Music Keyboard.
    ES MIDI Output - Sequence External MIDI Synthesizers.
    ES Mixer - 8 Track Stereo Mixer With 2 Auxilary Tracks.
    ES DGenR8 - Synthesize Drum Beats With Roland TR-909 Flavour.
    ES BassHead - Top Notch Virtual Analog Subtractive Synthesizer.
    ES SpatialVerb - Realistic Reverb Effects With The Smoothest Sound.
    ES Stomp - Synthesize That Classic Techno Thumping Kick Drum.
    ES AntiAlias - 32x Digital Oversampling Filter.
    ES QuadDelay - For Trippy Echo Effects.
    ES Distort - Basic Overdrive Distortion Effect.
    ES Crunch - Limit Bits Per Sample Anywhere From 16 To 1 Bits.
    ES StereoSplitter - Split An Input Stereo Signal Into Left And Right Output Mono Signals.
    ES StereoJoiner - Combine Left And Right Input Mono Signals Into A Single Output Stereo Signal.

ExperimentalScene > Software > DarkWave Studio 3.8.7
Update auf 3.90
Update auf 4.03

Recent Changes


    Fixed Main ToolBar Master Volume ToolTip Display To Read Correct Level In Decibels.


    Master Volume Slider In Main ToolBar Now Sets Volume To Complete Silence When Moved Completely To The Left.
    Added A New Sample DarkWave Project Called 'RaveTech.dwp'.


    Fixed Bug Reading Control Tracks In Projects Written By v3.9.7 And Earlier Of The Program.


    Converted Project From NetBeans IDE And MinGW GCC To Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 And Windows SDK 7.1.
    Removed OpenASIO (This Was Only Required For GCC To Work With ASIO).
    Added DirectSound Output Support (This Is Enabled By Default For New Installations).
    Fixed A Bug In The Reading Of The Native Machine Control Message Buffer Which Could Crash The Program.


    Added full duplex (audio input in addition to the regular audio output) support to the DirectSound driver.
    Renamed 'Master' (the machine with which all others ultimately connect with) to 'ES Audio Output'.
    Added 'ES Audio Input' machine to connect the audio input stream from the sound card to effects plug-ins and 'ES Audio Output'.


    Removed the hugely unpopular OpenCandy. DarkWave Studio Is now pure Freeware with no advertising bundled with the installer.
    Help file which was wot much good removed. Help will soon be available through an online help site.
    Added several additional sample projects to help people get started and see what DarkWave Studio can do.


    Modified ES Arpeggiator to not reset back to the start of the loop when a new note is triggered while an existing note is playing.

Platform Support
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10


THANK YOU!!! I have been wanting to try out Darkwave Studio for a while, but decided against it due to the OpenCandy. Tried looking for it again awhile ago, but didn't see any info on it until I read this thread! Now I know it's "safe" to try!
Update to 5.40


    Added a new machine called ES Control Monitor. With this you can view control messages from MIDI input and other machines that output control messages.


    New Installer.


    Improvements in multithreaded performance and stability.


    Decreased the CPU usage of ES Scope by only drawing when new data has been written to the audio input port.


    Added a new machine called ES Scope for viewing generated waveforms in realtime.
- v5.6.2 - Added a new machine called 'ES DownStepper' which is a sample rate reduction filter.
- v5.6.1 - Improved ASIO support.
- v5.6.0 - Improved compiler settings for faster processing.