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Full Version: LoFi Bass Filter
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LoFi Bass Filter

[Image: LoFiBassFilter.png]

Introducing the PhatNoise LoFi Bass Filter VST Plugin
The LoFi Bass Filter is one in our series easy to use vst plugins.
For best use us audio that is not compresses of has a limiter on it . Designed to extract lo-fi frequency sounds from recorded vinyl.
MAKE SURE to turn the sample or drum volume right down before adding the plugin or your head will blow off.
This plugin is a perfect for beginners as there’s not too much programming. Install it into your VST folder and just start turning the dials and it feels as though you are literally moulding and pressing the sound into the shape you want.
Come’s with 14 samples to play with recorded in 24 bit 96000 hz studio quality.
32bit or 64bit DLL

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