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Full Version: music-society specialpack by ERS
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music-society specialpack by ERS

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[Image: 1_27_02_17_10_19_10.jpeg]

ErsDrums is VST 2.3 compatible drum kit.

All sounds are calculated in "real time", no samples are used.

    2 Kicks.
    2 Snares.
    2 Blipps.
    1 Clap.
    1 Claves.
    1 Hihat (Open/Closed).
    1 Crash.
    Individual output channels for each drums sound.
    Key Mode.
    Individually selectable midi channel for each drum.
    Midi automation and midi learn.

[Image: 1_27_02_17_10_23_37.jpeg]

LazySnake is a virtual electric piano.

    WahWah, Tremolo.
    Midi automation and Midi learn.

[Image: 1_27_02_17_10_28_30.jpeg]

PolyIblit : 32 voices analog synth.

    3 oscillators per voice
    Sine, Triangle, Sawtooth and Pulse waveforms
    Noise generator, Pulse Width/Slope Modulation
    2 LP/BP/HP filters
    Two DCAs, 4 LFOs with tempo sync, Speed and amplitude modulation of LFOs
    4 ADSR envelope generators that can be triggered by Note On, LFOs, CC or portamento
    Midi automation and Midi learn