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Full Version: MonoSynth
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[Image: MonoSynth.png]

Like MonoBass MonoSynth is a Virtual monophonic analog subtractive synthesizer module with 2 DCO ( Sine, Saw, Triangle,Square, noises) with level, waveform, range PWM with modulator switch & detune for the 2 Oscillators (only Osc2 for MonoBass) , 1 LFO who can be linked with Osc, Filter or both, 1 multiband filter based upon the analog Curtis CEM3310 filter (1979) and the Oberheim SEM State Variable Filter with lowpass, highpass, bandpass, allpass (Moog Ladder multiFilter  for the MonoBass), 1 ADSR envelope (DCO, VCF & VCA), Chorus FX (Junior Chorus/Juno 106 Chorus), Keytrack, velocity envelope filter, etc. …

€ 24,99