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Full Version: MiniBull and Soundbank by Kujashi
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Started as something simple for my Akai LPD 8 midi controller and inspired by Moog Minitaur (the name came from this). Certainly the hardware souns 1000x better, but this is just an amateur software...
During the time of making I added many extra features, so it has not much common with the original idea.
As planned, all of the knobs and switches are controllable from my Akai (4 programs x 8 knobs ; 4 programs x 8 pads which are programmable to on-off switches). I've attached the pre-programmed cc-values in a text file.
It looks simple, but try the sound, there are some very interesting. Wink
Kujashi made a full bank and a demo music to it - I think he will post it here as recognize my post, so look back later!
Until that try my sounds from the MiniBull.fxb Smile

Main features:
- Minitaur inspired minimalistic design with many additional features
- 2 oscillators with 9 waveforms, PWM, FM and Ring mod
- Pythagorean ratios at semi-tone tuners
- 8x polyphony or mono mode with glide
- 24 dB/oct Karlsson lowpass, highpass and bandpass filters
- LFO with 9 waveforms and 4 destinations
- A, D/R, S envelopes for modulations and Amp
- Bypassable effects: Distortion, Ping-Pong and Echo Delay, Reverb - set the wet knobs (or distortion) to 0 to bypass
- Random and Reset buttons for unusual sounds and initial preset
- Double-click sets the knobs to default value
- Output waveform display to avoid overload
- Kujashi-made soundbank with 128 patches + 32 sounds from me


HereĀ“s my contribution for the Mini-Bull:

A soundbank with 128 patches - amazing, what this little synth can do

In this bank you may find many vintage synth sounds, like Moogy leads, Polysynths, PWM & Bandpass Strings,
Basses, Keys, Organs, FM-Sounds, Bells, Athmos & SFX-Patches, Emulations of real instruments, Retro-leads,
Sequencer-food, some modern sounds and Vocal-sounds.

The following Demo was made only with sounds of this bank (except the drums) and without the use of
external effects.

The Bank: [attachment=1990]
Many thanks for it again, dear Armin!!! :-D
Clap :drum Danke