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Full Version: 4TO2 and Soundbank by Kujashi
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[Image: 7275GbUl.png]

Last year I made a simple 2 layers VA synth with 2+2 oscillators, but shortly stepped further to other ideas.
Kujashi liked it and wrote me that planning to make a soundbank for it.
I asked him to wait some days and improved a bit the old design. Reworked every parts and this is the result.
It was in the News on VST Planet in May 2016.
The video of it is the most viewed on YouTube from my released synths and the demo music is the most listened at Kujashi on Soundcloud. Big Grin
Until now it was downloadable only from my Facebook group, so I would say that it is "half-exclusive" here.
As previously, if it doesn't work well at you, just delete it - there are hundreds and thousands of other, better synths on the net...  Wink
Enjoy it - if can!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! Big Grin

Main features:
- Dual-layer design with 2 independent synths and common effect section
- Each part has 2 oscillators with AD pitch envelopes and FM modulation, multitarget LFO, Filter and Amp ADSR envelopes
- Mixers for oscillator’s and layer’s level
- Bypassable effects: Overdrive, Distorsion, Ping-Pong Delay, Echo Delay, Reverb, Chorus
- General Random and Reset buttons for unusual sounds and initial preset
- Waveform displays at oscillators and synth output
- Kujashi-made soundbank with 128 patches

Kujashi has some problem with his PC, so to the completness, now I upload his bank and the demo link too: