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Full Version: Music by Vimana (Rocinante @ SoundCloud) - 1. Leftoverture
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Hello everyone!

This is #1 of a series of posts. Each post is focusing on one song. You can comment and ask me anything about these songs and give me suggestions to what I should do with them. Any feedback is welcome.

:jazz 1. Leftoverture

This is a demo of a 20-minute piece of music I wrote some years ago.

This song never made its way to any band rehearsals for various reasons... Maybe someday I'll take a closer look at some of the parts and make new songs out of them. I'll just have to choose which parts to work on and have the motivation for doing it.

All the sounds are played with a keyboard and recorded as MIDI. Some parts were adjusted a bit and quantized later. The 2-minute intro is using sounds from an E-mu Vintage Pro keyboard and from a Pianoteq VST. Other parts just use sounds from a cheap Yamaha PSR-273 with sometimes an additional synthesizer sound I made with some VST that came with Cubase.
you can upload your music directly here
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Interesting work - reminds me of the good old prog in the 70ies.......
IMO the mix needs some polish up  Wink especially I'd like more prominent drums and a little more push all in all  :piece Bye