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Full Version: Marsaut TE and Soundbank by Kujashi
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[Image: fe5oTtUl.png]

Marsaut TE aka Tucci Edition
(there was a Special Edition with 3x4 knobs at the place of the graphic equalizer for knob lovers, but not everybody liked it - Alessandro Tucci noted me in my Facebook group that he prefers the graphic equalizer, so I made a version for his wish and this was the "winner combination")

Here is the cross-model, the Marsaut TE, aka TUCCI EDITION! Big Grin for those, who like sliders and knobs instead of the graphic envelopes but prefer the original equalizer!

Added Ramp waveform to the oscillators.
More modulation possibilities at ADSRs and fast-slow switches for LFOs and envelopes.

Make your own crazy background colours for every patch (see the small buttons on the bottom).

CC numbers are used from Marsaut - the new sliders, knobs, switches has no dedicated numbers, because there are not enough free ones in MIDI standard... :-)

Kujashi has made a bank and a demo music for it too, he will post it.
If you do't like his background colours, change them with the bottom knobs and re-save the bank.



Here´s my contribution for the MARSAUT TE Synth:

A bank with 128 patches:

A synth with different faces:

You may find some interesting sounds in these collection of patches:

A lot of modern and vintage Leadsounds, Sequencerfood and -textures, Arpeggiatorsounds, lively Pads, Keys of nowadays and from the past,
Basses and Brass, SFX, a lot of Percussionsounds,
Cinematic & Atmosounds, Choirs & Voices, Emulations of real instruments
and so on.....

In this sounddemo you may expect, what kind of sounds are in this bank.
Played only with patches of this bank and without the use of external effects
(except the drums).

The bank: [attachment=1918]
Hi Armin!
Many thanks for your upload and for your work with Marsaut TE again!!!
:top2 Danke Clap
GyL, KujaschiLiebe