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Full Version: Marsaut VSTi synth & Introduction
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[Image: Cppn0XCl.jpg]
Dear members!

My name is László Gyovai, can call me Laszlo or Laci.
Here is my 1st publicly released synth for those, who don't have Facebook account or haven't joined to my group on FB.
It was in the VST Planet's News on 06-April-2016.
My plugins are freely downloadable from the GyL Synths group on FB and from now some of them here too.
I started it in February (based on the Krakli Plugs group where I was and am member), hoping that will have 10-15 members - Ian had about 80 in that time. In this moment the group has 990 members, a bit above the planned...
I'm member here since some months, invited me Kujashi who joined me after Marsaut release. Since then we have worked together on many synths.
Some weeks ago Bam - member at me too - noted that changed my status from novice to developer here - wow!
2 days ago I found that he started a new topic in the Forum for me - so here is the time for me to give something you...  Smile
I'll upload my "released synths on VST Planet" in the future step-by-step here too, but the newest (and many olders) are available in my group - that is "my child" and 1st priority for me always. Sorry...!
And sorry for my less than perfect English, near to useless German and far from perfect (sometimes strangely working - or not working...) synths. I'm just a sparetime synth-builder and learning it continuously - every synth is a good lesson for me...

So the Marsaut - Main features:
- 2 main oscillators with continuously changable waveforms (sinus -> triangle -> saw -> square -> ramp) and waveshape displays
- Oscillator B and its modulation can be switched off
- Octave (-3…+3) and Semitone (-12…+12) selectors, plus Finetune knobs (-0.5…+0.5 semitone)
- FM modulation Osc A - > Osc B (phase based in realty)
- Ring modulation A*B
- 2 Sub-oscillator with triangle and square waveforms de-tunable by 1 or 2 octaves from Osc A and Osc B
- Noise oscillator with changeable noise colour
- Mixer for all oscillator
- Basic Arpeggiator up to 4 octaves range and sync speeds (thanks to C. Hackl for it - sometimes stops to work - a bug from the original)
- Graphic equalizer with 4 bands – center frequency, peak steepness/resonance and peak height adjustable by mouse
- Filter with 5 mode (low pass, high pass, band pass, band reject and peak)
- Filter slope switch (inserting a second filter)
- Independent high pass filter
- Adjustable velocity sensitivity for the cutoff frequency
- Adjustable PitchWheel modulation for the cutoff frequency
- Switch block for ModWheel routing (Pitch, Filter and Amp LFO modulation’s depth ; Mod LFO and Filter LFO frequency/rate)
- Modulation and Filter LFOs
- Mod LFO for Pitch, Amp and Panorama modulation
- Adjustable fade-in time for LFO depth
- Syncable LFO rate
- Graphic Modulation and Amplifier Envelopes with many possibilities (right click to menu – invertable, resetable, section numbers from 1 to 16, bandable sections, ...)
- Mod Envelop for Pitch and Filter modulation (-100 ... 0 ... 100%)
- Effect block with bypass switches – Ping-Pong Delay, Reverb, Chorus/Flanger and a comb filter
- Main section for Master Volume, PitchWheel range, Glide/Portamento time, Panorama position and Velocity sensitivity
- Local and Global Random and Reset (to default values) buttons – Global Reset has effect for the graphic equalizer and envelopes too,  and great for setting everything to default value - to get an init patch
- Shift + drag on knobs and sliders for fine tune
- Ctrl + click or double clicking on knobs and sliders for setting them to default value
- Oscilloscope shows the unified output waveform and amplitude – good for avoid or reach distortions
- small buttons at the bottom for changing the background colors – don't use it, in this version not working well yet
- MIDI mapped GUI controllers  - most of them (knobs, sliders, switches, buttons and selectors) has own CC number – see the attached MIDI map file – and can be adjusted by external controllers (my Akai LPD 8 is great for this – 4 x 8 knobs and 4 x 8 switches/buttons programmable)
- 128 program position
- 64 (+1) patches by me... –  feel free to modify or improve them by your taste  Wink
- A plus empty patch bank included (.fxb) – you can make more copy from this

I've made 65 patches for it - sorry for the quality, am not a good sound designer!
Always use the .fxb banks - the .txt based is not tested and used!
For a quick trial I attached the great SaviHost program from Hermann Seib (donate him if can!) - means the .exe is not an installer, just a great local host program.

Have fun with it!  Smile

Hi my friend, thank you for your posting!

For next time please upload Pictures to our Gallery, because Guest can not see uploaded pictures.
see Pics how use the gallery.

[Image: 1_12_11_16_3_27_19.jpeg]
[Image: 1_12_11_16_3_28_06.jpeg]
[Image: 1_12_11_16_3_29_06.jpeg]
[Image: 1_12_11_16_3_30_03.jpeg]
[Image: 1_12_11_16_3_30_54.jpeg]
[Image: 1_12_11_16_3_32_12.jpeg]
[Image: 1_12_11_16_3_33_26.jpeg]

Best is you open gallery in ä new window or tab
Hi Bam!
Thanks for your tutorial!
Next time I try this.


Thank you for this awesome synth, GyL, and all the time and effort you put into making and sharing it! Danke :top2 Smiley_emoticons_thumbs1 Respekt :ya :anbet
Hello Laci,
nice to have you here..... for sure a place, some your synths would feel like "home", too...  Smiley_emoticons_thumbs1
Hi, my pleasure if you can find it usable!  Wink
Hi Armin, thanks for your kind words! Next time arrives Adder, you can post your bank, when I'll upload it - maybe at next weekend.  Smiley_emoticons_thumbs1


Thank you for share your work, i will try right now
Thanks, dear substage! Hope you like it a bit...  Smile
Hi Laci ,
many thanks for this great instrument and ... yes , I really love that Waveform displays ;-)
greets ..
Hi, dear moritz!
Thanks, my older son (was about 6 in that time) tried to build something in Caustic modular with zero knowladge. He asked my help and said: not important what is in it, but that display has to be there... I think a bit similarly, lot of useful information visible on those screens what help me in many cases and help to learn. Most of my synths have 1 or more displays.
Hope you can use it to your music! Smile
Problem in Reaper, when I change a preset, Reaper crash.
I will try in Cubase
I will make a demo
Thank you. I'll try it.  Danke
Hi, dear MS-Aloysius!
Hope it will work well at you!  Smile
Hello moritz, nice to have you here and welcome.
I loaded it up in Reaper x64 and it is bridged fine but the internal presetmanager is not working as it should here. When I recall presets that I saved, the knobs are in different positions as they were before. Reaper's presetmanager does work just fine, so it is not a problem but only to inform you about it.
Looks amazing! Thank you!
Thanks Doug!  Wink


Thank you for sharing.  Will check it out this week. Respekt
Please, dear northwood! Hope it works at you! Smile
(14-11-2016, 10:46 PM)northwood link Wrote:Thank you for sharing.  Will check it out this week. Respekt

Make a nice Demo
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