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Full Version: Junior Chorus
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Junior Chorus

[Image: Capture_Junior-Chorus.png?w=503]

FAIT CLIC Junior Chorus module is a x86 & x64 VST Stereo vintage Chorus plugin for Windows in vst2 (.dll) and vst3 (.vst3) format.

Based on the Roland Juno/JX synth chorus, but with some more usefull settings.

3 presets:

1-smooth chorus

2-strong chorus

3 – preset 1 + preset 2 (full chorus)

off – chorus enabled but with rate, depth, delay Ms, wet/dry at 0.

the 3 preset are automatic settings for depth, rate, delay Ms, wet dry & master output, but you can easily modify these settings with the right & left sliders.

bypass button disable the chorus effect.

Junior Chorus offer a powerfull & bright chorus, very useful for Synth.

Junior Chorus has an output volume button to recalibrate your sound after Chorusing process.
INSTALL: just run the installer (install both 32 & 64 bits .dll/vst3 plugins) Enjoy

Price (MSRP) 4.99 €