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Full Version: AATranslator
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AATranslator - Translate projects from one DAW or NLE to another

[Image: 6.2Demo.gif]

Convert sessions to/from Ableton Live, Ardour, Audiofile, Audition, Auria, Cool Edit Pro, Capture, Cubase, DAR, Digital Performer, Fairlight, Final Cut Pro, Grass Valley, Harrison Mixbus, i-Movie, Lightworks, Logic, Logic Pro, Media Composer/Adrenaline, N-Track, Nuendo, Paris, Premiere, ProTools, Pyramix, Reaper, Sadie, Samplitude/Sequoia, SAW Studio, Sonar, Soundscape, Soundtrack Pro, Studio One, Studio Live, Symphony, Tascam MX2424, Tracktion, TripleDat, Vegas, Waveframe, Wavelab.