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Full Version: Two Convolution Reverb Mixer + Parametric EQ- for registered Users free to download!
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Two Convolution Reverb Mixer + Parametric EQ

for registered users free to downlad

[Image: 18_final.png]

Quote:I made this for a project to do with convolution reverbs.
The plugin itself allows for two impulse responses. They can be mixed between as desired and each one can be gained separately.
This then goes through a parametric EQ (nothing particularly special I'm afraid.)
Both the reverb and EQ can be bypassed as desired as well.
I have not got any impulse responses to add to the project but it runs from any mp3 impulse.

Would love to hear feedback. Just playing around basically and want to share.

(The design is a bit rubbish but I'm not known for my designs)

This was made in SonicBirth 1.3.0.