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Full Version: LSP Verzögerungsausgleicher - Delay Compensator plugin series for Linux
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LSP Verzögerungsausgleicher - Delay Compensator plugin series

[Image: comp_delay_x2_stereo.png]

These plugin serues allows to add short delay to audio channel to compensate the phase offset relatively to other channels. The main idea is to add some delay of the signal recorded by set of microphones placed at different positions and distances from the sound source. Because the speed of the sound is low (about 340 m/s), the signal from the sources placed on different position comes with different delays. When the receivers are placed on the different distances, the signal comes with different delays to them. So the final mix of the recorded tracks can sound muddy or, on the contrary, very thick. Note that even 1 centimeter of the difference can take the negative effect. To avoid this, you can add more delay to the receivers placed near the source and less delay to the receivers placed far from the source. These plugin series help to do this in three ways. In conjunction with LSP Phasendetektor you can very fast phase your sources.

Available plugins in series:

    LSP Verzögerungsausgleicher Mono - Delay Compensator Mono.
    LSP Verzögerungsausgleicher Stereo - Delay Compensator Stereo.
    LSP Verzögerungsausgleicher x2 Stereo - Delay Compensator x2 Stereo.