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Full Version: R6e
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[Image: limiter.png]

Lastest stable version: R6e (Aug 2016)

New features in this release:

    mDelay low/high filters.
    Effect memory now cleared on start/stop/bypass/disable.
    Some effects now use process functors rather than manually written code, should have no effect for users.
    Tweaked the mix parameter skews in some effects. (mdelay, reverb)
    Added adjustable meter ranges to limiter and compressor. (click)
    Limiter now maintains level as ratio is adjusted. (like compressor)
    Removed limiter "clip at" parameter and +/- 3 dB reference LEDs.
    Improved parameter text for all effects.
    Improved font kerning.
    Added envelope sensitivity "scale" parameter to Follower.
Gerade was ich gebraucht habe.  Danke und sogar in 64bit.