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Full Version: Ultratonics
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[Image: Ultratonics_medium.jpg]

The plugin is a combination of three guitar-effect components : distortion, cabinet and delay.  It's implemented using well-known guitar-processing and DSP techniques.
Distortion component besides the drive itself, provides the EQ part, for the tone shaping and colouring. There is also a gain-level switch, with three different modes: clean, low gain and high gain, a controller which basically determines the entire sound. Finally there is a built-in gate feature, integrated to remove the distortion background noise. Noise threshold is controled by the gate knob. The amount of distoriton is set via 'Drive' control.
Cabinet component provides convolution-based cabinet simulation, powered with Catharsis impulses. Different positions of microphones can be selected in the drop-down list, using different impulse responses  to get different output sounds. 'Mix knob' controls input/output ratio. There is also a panner control for output spatial distribution.
And third component, classic delay implementation with adjustable parameters:
time - length of the audio sample being repeated
feedback - scale factor for the repeating audio block, determines loudness and number of echoes.

Price (MSRP) 25.00$