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Full Version: EasyLimiter
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[Image: 11_01.jpg]

easyLimiter for easy mastering. Output audio limiting, stereo, release and few type of limiting. Show maximum attenuation.

All what you need to clean disturbing sounds.

Made based on our research in the field of wave attenuation of high peak that creates problems audition: rattles, crackling, distortions and other unwanted sounds.

Thus we got some attenuation original procedures with stunning results:

    clear and smooth sound
    big volume with no unwanted sounds
    continuous sound and very close to the original line
    EXTREMELY low resources, UNIQUE in the area of audio limiters


    Look Ahead: detection of peaks are made before sound playing, this result a very little delay has no importance in the mastering process. This feature detects all peaks in time to can be limited.
    Attack attenuation envelope. This feature make continuous sound and very close to the original line.
    Release attenuation envelope. This feature improves continuous line of the sound.
    Stereo link combines attenuation with stereo balance.
    Left and right attenuation with memory storing.