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Full Version: D-Wave_Digital Landscapes bank by KUJASHI
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Eine Soundbank mit 128 Patches für den D-Wave

Digitale Landschaften

Wenn Du vertraut bist mit Legenden wie PPG, der DX-Serie und all den anderen
digitalen Synths aus der 80er Ära - in dieser Bank findest Du eine Auswahl derer Sounds.
Des weiteren einige Naturinstrument-Emulationen (Gitarren wie Chorus-Electric & Lapsteel,
orientalische Flöten wie Armenian Duduk), Fantasysounds, viele Vintageklänge,Bässe,
Pads, Strings, Keys, Chöre und Stimmen, Vocalklänge, Sequenzerfutter und Dualsounds.

A soundbank with 128 patches for the D-WAVE
by STARBELL AVM (Mira-Katharina Langnau)

Digital Landscapes

If you are common with legends like PPG, the DX-series and all the other digital synths of
the 80s era - in this bank are sounds like this.
Furthermore there are some emulations of real instruments (Lap Steel & ChorusElectric Guitars,
Armenian Duduk, Flutes), Fantasy sounds, many Retrosounds too, Basses, Pads, Strings, Keys,
Choirs & Voices, Vocalsounds, Sequencerfood and Dualsounds.

Das folgende Demo wurde ausschließlich mit Patches aus der Soundbank erstellt (außer den Drums)
und ohne Zunahme von externen Effekten eingespielt.

Please listen to the Demo to hear how these patches will sound in a mix.
All patches are from this bank (except the drums) and played without the use of external effects.


The soundbank: [attachment=1704]
WOW klasse; da bin ich schon mal auf die Sounds gespannt Smile
Klasse Sounds; ich kam wohl noch nicht dazu, alles auszuprobieren, weil ich plötzlich eine musikalische Inspiration bekam Smile

Added: BFD ECO; Pad via My Modular - sonst D-Wave und Sounds der Bank

Sehr Fein.

Bitte ladet euere Sounddemos auf die vor Monaten beschriebenen Seite hoch, dann können die Demos auch Gäste und 0-Poster hören.....

Ich kann es auch machen, hab aber im Moment anderes zu tun
I've been meaning to check out this synth for a while - so this is the perfect excuse.

Your banks have been inspiring me since the earliest days of Synthedit vsts - you always seem to find hidden depths in instruments that I might otherwise have thought 'ordinary' and never spent much time getting to know ... I'm looking forward to this one!

Thank you!


Wow! Great brasses and really nice vintage synth sounds! Incredible!
Glad you all like these sounds and thanks for your kind words....  Danke
Please forgive my ignorance, but how exactly do you load the bank in the VST?  I've looked, but I can't seem to find where you click to load it.

Hello Dan,
how do you load fxb. banks in your other VSTi´s? It depends on the DAW, you´re working with....
There has to be a load-button for fxb/fxp in your DAW - so not by the VSTi itself.....
(12-06-2016, 03:51 PM)Kujaschi link Wrote:Hello Dan,
how do you load fxb. banks in your other VSTi´s? It depends on the DAW, you´re working with....
There has to be a load-button for fxb/fxp in your DAW - so not by the VSTi itself.....

Most VSTs I use have an area/ window that shows the current bank nae and when you click on that you get a drop-down menu to load / change the bank in question.  There is often a dedicated button beside the area / window..similar to how it is in Ichiro Toda's Synth1 pictured below.  The area is found at the bottom of the VST screen.

[Image: Synth1_version_1.12_GUI.jpg]

Other than that, I would save the .fbx file to the VST directory, but there doesn't seem to be any way to tell the VST to use the .fbx file you've so kindly shared with us.  I've never opened  or loaded a .fxb file directly in my DAW before..never had a need to do this is something new to me, I didn't know this could be done.  I'll have to check my DAW and see how I can do this.

Thanks.  :top2

Hi Armin, many thanx for your bank and for the great demo! Danke Clap Dingo